What is Meditation?

It is a very common word nowadays abused by most people.

Meditation means Dhyana. Dhyana isn’t something which you do; rather it happens to you.  What you do is; you practice the techniques of meditation for the purpose of reaching a heightened level of spiritual awareness.

Techniques of Meditation

Earlier and even prevalent today, a Guru has his or her own unique way to train their student in meditation, which guides the student in day to day life.

However, nowadays since meditation is also being applied as therapy there are many kinds of meditation.  In this blog, I will take you through four types of techniques:

1. Tratak

If you are a yoga practitioner or teacher you might have learnt this technique.

Tratak is all about purifying your thoughts and living life to the fullest.

It is a technique done in a closed room where you focus on a candle wick. Focusing on the fire/light allows for purification of thoughts.

It is a technique which will help you slowly step into meditation.

It is suggested to sit in Meditation after practicing Tratak for 5 to 10 mins. This will help your thought patterns to slowly reduce and also would make you more calm to have a beautiful meditative experience.

2. Sound

The other technique is Sound. It is used as Radhe Krishna in the chants.

You can choose to chant mantras as there are many different ways a sound is used to aid your meditation.

Chant is done to bring your focus/ attention to it, it helps you to be present in the moment and when you become present it helps you to drop various thought patterns. Each of the mantras which you chant has a specific frequency on which it vibrates.

Remember when you sit near the beach and you hear the waves, or while you sit in nature and hear the sounds of the bird, wind… these experiences are very calming and while being there you don’t get distracted easily. Similarly the mantra chants create a vibration that helps you calm down and makes you more aware as you start living in the present moment.

3. Transcendental by Mahesh Yogi ji

Transcendental meditation is also about sound but in this Mahesh Yogi ji teaches a lot of different mantras to chant.  It is a technique for avoiding distracting thoughts and promoting a state of relaxed awareness.

These mantras are given to every individual. It’s like a Diksha given to you by your Guru. A Guru first understands you and then accordingly a Mantra is given to you which will work for you. The Mantra given by the Guru needs to be repeated internally. With every day, months and years of consistent practice, you will see how the shifts happen and while meditating, the ordinary thinking process is transcended.

4. Dynamic meditation by Osho

This technique goes into five different steps and then you start dropping the thought patterns.

If you have noticed by now, all of the above techniques are working towards the thought pattern. The Idea is to have an empty mind and it doesn’t happen in a day, a month, or a year. It happens with consistently doing it forever.  There will be a few days when you find the stillness in just a few seconds and there are days when it seems really challenging, but in meditation the idea is to “be practicing everyday”.

This is why in Yoga there is a ladder you climb rung by rung and allow Yoga to become a process for you to experience and immerse yourself in.

How can you apply meditation to your day to day life? 

As you practice Yoga;  meditation becomes part of you to experience life, to become more aware, to become more present and that’s how meditation will play a big role in living life.

Benefits of Meditation 

  • It helps you become happier, calm and more relaxed as a person.
  • Internally you will experience the true essence of yourself
  • You will experience yourself on a higher level; which means with regular practice of years together, you will experience everything on the same level. The duality will end and you will become neutral to sorrow, pain, love, hate. You will treat all the same.
  • You will become emotionally stronger; which means you will learn acceptance.
  • It will make you more positive as a person in any situation.
  • You will always carry your meditative nature after your meditation throughout the day.
  • It will help in decluttering your mind and that’s how you hit a peak level of creativity in your life with meditation.
  • It also works as a therapy.
  • It aids in mindfulness and also brings down your anxiety level.
  • You will start glowing. You will have a spark as a meditator as that’s how the inner journey is; it will allow you to light up everyone around you.

Technique to get into meditation

Here is a simple and small technique which can make sitting in meditation easier:

  1. Always find a space where you will be sitting everyday and it should be a quiet corner
  2. Choose same time and same place every day
  3. Sit with your back straight, shoulder relaxed, hips on the mat in any one of the meditative asana.
  4. Start with regulating your breathing for 5 mins. Practice of Sahaj Pranayama will help here.

How to do Sahaj Pranayama :

Inhale counting 5 with your eyes closed and while exhaling also count 5 in the same rhythm of your inhalation. After completing the 10 mins of Sahaj Pranayama you will notice that you are very much in the moment.

  1. The next 5 mins you will be just watching and listening to the sound which is coming from the space you are sitting.
  2. In the end, you will finish with 3 Aum chants and then will rub your palm and bringing your hands between the heart center in Anjali Mudra

Once you start sitting into Dhyana for 15 to 20 to 30 mins; you will notice your thought patterns dropping, your mind will declutter and that will help you in your day to day life to be more creative and to be more calm.

This is the main reason nowadays meditation is part of therapy, it’s part of your day to day life.


I am eternal. I am the true essence. I am infinite. I am free from all the sorrow, pain and love.

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