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Oneness Retreat

reconnect . reset . rejoice
The retreat stands postponed taking into consideration the current COVID guidelines. The revised dates will be updated soon. Check out this space!

Learn to cleanse your body and energy on (prana level) internally and immerse yourself deeply into Asana, Pranayam, Meditation and self journey. You don’t need to be an expert at Yoga at all; even first-timers can join us!

Prana Nidra

Awareness of Pranamaya kosha
This workshop is designed for deep relaxation and meant for bringing awareness of the Pranamaya Kosha, which is the vital life energy which organises the body parts and provides movement for mental and physical expression.


An ongoing yoga journey
Mindful daily practice - Live & Recorded sessions from the comfort of your home


A tool for transformation
Tapas - an ongoing journey removing all kinds of impurities from the body and then comes physical, mental, emotional and spiritual transformation.

Suitable to Beginners, Advanced & Teachers

New batch every month


Yoga for all
This series is for anyone interested to try Yoga or implement Yoga in their fitness schedule to bring physical and mental balance. The series includes Pranayam & Bandhas to energize and bring hormonal balance.

Ongoing through out the year

Karma Yoga

Yoga for soul
Karma Yoga gives back to the society by focusing on spreading Yoga beyond the studio floor and letting it reach the body, mind and souls of anybody who can benefit out of Yoga. Volunteers are welcome to conduct classes at various institutions across cities

Asana to Chakra Dhyana

Working through different Chakras to balance energies and activate different Chakras through Asanas, Food, Beej Mantra & Dhyan

Suitable to Beginners, Advanced & Teachers

Starts on 05 Jan 2021

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